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Counseling for People with Relationship Difficulties

 Why Counseling? How does it Work?              Couples often come to therapy polarized by reactivity and power struggles that make them feel increasingly disconnected. Trapped in a stalemate that they are unable to change on their own, they invite the therapist into the intimacy of their struggles, hoping for a new direction. It…

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Counseling for People Considering Separation or Divorce

How can we cope with the aftermath of an affair? How can an affair be forgiven? It is vital that you both understand the real reasons why it happened. To do this you will have to talk about what had been going on between you in the time leading up to the affair. This can…

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Counseling for People with Sexual Difficulties

Your Sex Cycle Your Sex Cycle  – Desire in Women If you are having problems with sex or are not having much of it, it is nearly impossible to jump-start the process by hopping into bed and being a willing partner.   As you would expect, a women’s sex cycle operates differently from a man’s,…

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Counseling for People with Sexual difficulties

Break the Sexual Stalemate The first step to end your sexual stalemate is to take control. It’s an all-too-familiar standoff: you need intimacy for sex, and he needs sex for intimacy. In a sense, each of you wants the same thing, but because you are a woman and he is a man, each of you goes about…

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