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Trina has built up a new practice in DC, having moved here three years ago. Prior to living and working as a therapist in LA for 6 years, she was also a successful therapist in her London-based private practice for many years. Trina has counseled over 700 couples, helping them work through every possible variety of dissatisfaction and disappointment a couple might find themselves facing. Trina has developed a dynamic approach to couples therapy that focuses particularly on empowering people to bring about their desired change through understanding and then action, helping couples to take control of their relationships often using exercises to strengthen new behavior.
Born in Hertfordshire in England, she studied Zoology at London University and then later in life began her formal training as a couples counselor in Cambridge, England, obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Marital and Couples Counseling. She then went on to obtain a Relate Post Graduate Diploma in Couples Therapy, validated by the University of East London. Her continuing professional development has included further study in domestic violence and extramarital affairs..

“My clients are genuinely surprised when we start working together – they think that I am going to tell them what to do, but it’s not like that. They also come in feeling nervous and apprehensive but once we have met a few times, they even start to enjoy it. At the end of the day, it’s a brave move to come to Therapy, but for almost everyone, it’s one of the best moves they have made.”
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I’d really love to hear from you so we can discuss how I can help your relationship thrive. All calls and emails will be kept confidential. Sessions cost $120 per hour. Skype sessions are available.

Phone: 202-270-3937

Opening Hours: 7:30pm – 8pm   Monday-Friday

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If appointments are rescheduled there is no additional charge – and no problem. Should you fail to turn up for an appointment without prior warning (24 hours notice) then you would be charged for that appointment.



It is suggested that you should think in terms of an initial six sessions though there is nothing to say that you cannot end sooner than that if you wish to.  During the sixth session you can review what has been achieved and whether or not you would like to continue.  No pressure is brought to bear on you… some clients like to take a break and return later (or not at all), and others like to continue.  There is no rule!
Yes! Sexual problems can affect many couples and individuals. Sometimes the problem is longstanding whilst at other times it is linked to recent events causing stress and unhappiness.  Trina is specifically trained to work with sexual problems in the context of a couple’s relationship.  However complicated the cause, Trina is skilled in helping people understand what has gone wrong and to resolve the sexual problem and the confused and painful emotions it evokes.
Nothing you say is revealed to anyone else without your specific consent. The only time confidentiality would be breached is if it was thought there was a danger of you committing serious harm to yourself or another – especially, but not exclusively, where children might be at risk.
It will be up to you to decide what changes you want/can make. Positive interventions can be used to make a real difference in helping you to sort out your difficulties, by enabling you to look at the difficulties and possible solutions in detail and from different angles and new perspectives.
Although it is a difficult decision, especially if there are children involved, sometimes separation is the right solution. By helping you to talk to each other and helping you to come to terms with the ending, counseling can help make the break less acrimonious. This is vital, because if there are children involved you will be parents for the rest of your lives and it would be enormously helpful if you can both be closely involved in your children’s lives.
Improved communication
Awareness of others needs
Anger management skills
A realization that the relationship could not work
Increased confidence
Decision to get married, start a family or get back together.
Improved sexual relationship
Reduced jealousy

Why Counseling?


There are some areas of our lives that we feel we would like to improve but we just don’t seem to be able to make the necessary changes. No matter how hard we try, we seem to remain stuck in the same groove.

By coming to couples therapy you can express and identify your feelings, values and expectations, and gain assistance with communication and problem solving by looking at new options, possibilities and perspectives with a non judgmental, experienced and caring therapist.

You can Increase your understanding of underlying problems as well as more obvious difficulties between yourself and your partner, reduce the power of disappointments and hurts, both past and present, and open a way to greater fulfillment in your life, both as part of a couple and as an individual.


If you want to talk about:


How Does It Work?

Couples often come to therapy polarized by reactivity and power struggles that make them feel increasingly disconnected. Trapped in a stalemate that they are unable to change on their own, they invite the therapist into the intimacy of their struggles, hoping for a new direction. It is the work of the therapist to understand the complex interactions and experience of the couple caught up in stalemate or an ‘impasse’. The therapist’s approach helps to identify the couple’s pattern and investigate and challenge emotional undercurrents that might be fueling and informing their dynamics. In working with couples’ impasses in the here and now, the goal is to help the partners move from being reactive to being more able to discuss, and from a view of themselves as victim and villain to positions of increased responsibility and personal agency. The process of change is facilitated by awareness, behavioral changes and negotiations, and the creation of alternative scripts based on greater empathy and connectedness… 


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Your Problems

The type of counseling I provide includes the following. Please click on the relevant topic to learn more about how I can help you deal with your problems.

Why Trina


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Finding a therapist when you are feeling overwhelmed by your relationship issues isn’t easy.

I truly understand the need for a safe, confidential and empathic environment for you to be able to trust your therapist, to be listened to and understood, so you are able to resolve or manage the problems and issues you are having with your partner.

I am a British Couples Therapist specializing in relationship issues.

I can help you with conflict, sexual difficulties, divorce or separation, loss of intimacy, the impact of a new baby or an affair and its aftermath.

The most important factor for picking a therapist is trust. Therapy works when you feel contained, safe and understood, where confidentiality is taken seriously.

You both will feel equally listened to in a non-judgmental environment, allowing you the space to rework your relationship together with my professional guidance.

Men divorced in DC
Women in DC divorced
Men refused counseling
Women refused counseling

Divorce statistics for 2013, from the American Community Survay (ACS). Estimates of people refusing counselling based on industry estimates that couples working with councilors are 50% or more likely to remain together and improve their relationship than other couples.

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