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The top 5 reasons people come to Sex Therapy

    One in four of us are dissatisfied by our sex lives. Yet there’s still a big stigma about going to Sex Therapy. Many people find the idea of speaking to a complete stranger about sex to be embarrassing. Some think that they should be able to sort out any problems they’re having by…

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Communication Tips

One of the most common objectives couples share when they come to me for counseling is to improve their communication. When communication breaks down it can feel frustrating and painful. I have noticed at these times it’s mostly the ‘feeling heard’ part of communication that is going wrong. Over time this can become really destructive to your relationship, so…

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Will you Stay Together?

Magic five Award winning marital therapist, researcher and author Dr John Gottman made a key observation of couples who stayed together – that they have a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions in their relationships. A positive interaction might be a thoughtful action, asking questions, showing empathy, a kind word, a hug, a gift, a shared…

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